Germany 1919 Revolution Freikorps Communists May 3 Munich Real Photo RPPC
This page contains items from the German Third Reich. These are offered for historical purposes only and not in order to incite hatred or intolerance in any form. Our items have been used in multiple scholarly publications, donated to multiple museums (including at least one Holocaust museum), and appeared in multiple historical/antique television shows. We have been a respected member of the stamp-collecting community for over two decades. Our pieces are for serious collectors and historians only.
Item #:95120
Real Photo Postcard (RPPC) showing the shot-up storefronts in Munich ( "Ofen and Herde" / "Ovens and Stoves") during the period of bloody street battles after the abdication of the Kaiser in 1918, which pitted the right-wing Freikorps aligned with the moderarte Socialists against the left wing Communists (often referred to as "Spartakists" after a newspaper published by leader Karl Liebknecht).

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