Contact Us

Email us at info at -- sorry for the obfuscation, just trying to make it harder for the scammers to skim the address.

You can give us a call at +1-970-316-3138 -- ask for Dean if you need information on an item, or Christine if you're checking on an order or shipment or payment. If you're a credit card company or any other sort of telemarketer vermin, please ask for 'air horn' because that's what you'll get anyway.


International Wire Transfers

Do We Buy Collections?

Yes, we do buy collections.

Do we make offers on photocopies or scans? No.

If you have a collection of stamps, postal history, or (sometimes) coins of Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Zeppelins, or pre-WWII USA, we would love to give you an offer. However, we have to have it in our hands to evaluate. Please give us a call first (no unsolicited mailings, please, they are not covered by insurance) and we can try to determine if it's worth your while to send to us. But again, we can't give firm offers unless we have personally examined the collection.

We do not buy singles.