Contact Us

Email us at with questions about an item. This is often the fastest way to contact our philatelic expert due to our extensive travel schedule.

You can give us a call at +1-970-316-3138 -- ask for Dean if you would like to talk about selling a collection, or Christine if you're checking on an order or shipment or payment.

If you're a credit card company or any other sort of telemarketer vermin, please ask for 'air horn' because that's what you'll get anyway.


International Wire Transfers

Do We Buy Collections?

Yes, we buy collections!

If you have a collection of any type of stamps, postcards, postal history, or pre-1940 US Coins, shoot us an email with what you have and we can go from there. Even if it's not for us, after 40 years of stamp dealing I pretty much know everybody that runs an auction in the US, Czechia, Germany, plus other European locations. Even a lot of junk is good -- trash is cash! I can hook you up.